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Who’s older, Gary Oldman or Gary Numan?

The Answer

Gary Numan is 13 days older the Gary Oldman.

You might think that Gary Oldman would be older than Gary Numan and it turns out that they are very close in age (both 62), but in fact, Numan is the older Gary.

Oldman, the Academy Award-winning actor, and former Mr. Uma Thurman was born Gary Leonard Oldman on March 21, 1958.

Numan, the new-wave pioneer, was born March 8, 1958, a full thirteen days before the birth of Gary the Younger (Oldman). Gary the Elder (Numan) was born Gary Anthony James Webb.

According to Wikipedia “He later picked the surname “Numan” from an advert in the Yellow pages for a plumber whose surname was “Neumann””. The surname Neumann is German and of course means “new man, settler, or newcomer”.

Both Garys (the Younger and the Elder, the Oldman and the Numan) were born in London about 9 miles away from each other (New Cross and Hammersmith respectively).

Comedian Henny Youngman had a son named Gary Youngman. He’s about 18 years older than both Oldman and Numan. Not a very young man.

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