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What was the name of The Beatles’ white album?

The Answer

The Beatles

The legendary white album was released by The Beatles in November of 1968. The cover was all white with “The BEATLES” embossed in small black letters. This album was simply titled The Beatles, though it quickly became known as The White Album.

…the working title had been “A Doll’s House,” named after the popular novel by Henrik Isben, but this had to be dropped [another band had used the name]…

Paul remembers: “Richard asked, ‘Has there been an album called “The Beatles”?’ so I referred back to EMI and they said, ‘No. There’s been “Meet The Beatles,” introducing The Beatles in America, but there’d never been an album called “The Beatles”.’ So he said, ‘Let’s call it that’; which is the official title of the White Album.”

The Beatles' White Album. The in-depth story behind the Beatles' first Apple album. Recording History. Origin of the Album. Cover Art.

The album cover was designed by London artist Richard Hamilton.

Hamilton explained, “Paul McCartney requested the design be as stark a contrast to Sgt. Pepper’s Day-Glo explosion as possible… he got it.” The 45-year-old artist came up with the plain white cover with the words The Beatles embossed on it, and a serial number to indicate a limited edition pressing…

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