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What is a wisdom biscuit?

The Answer

A Wisdom Biscuit is a bite-size piece of knowledge that is fun, interesting or otherwise enjoyable.

We’re not interested in providing exhaustive analyses of these topics. There are more than enough sources of details explanations for our topics of interest. Follow the links in each post for more information.

Wisdom Biscuits include the following.

  • Little known facts
  • Firsts
  • Explanations
  • Historical information
  • Name or word origins
  • Records
  • Accomplishments
  • Surprising things
  • Definitions
  • and… answers to questions you might never have thought to ask.

These are not necessarily original ideas. Most of the topics have been featured in one or more of the great many factual resources available in our modern age. We cite our sources with links for those that want to dive deeper into any of the topics.

We’re always on the lookout for additional topics and contributions. Use our suggestion form to share new wisdom biscuits with us.

Wisdom Biscuits is a creation of Fair North Digital.

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