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What is a quokka?

The Answer

It’s a ridiculously cute animal from Australia.

These cute little creatures constantly smile and are just as friendly as they look.

Allow us to introduce you to the wonderful quokka.

They mostly live on Rottnest Island, Australia. The original settlers named the island “Rottnest”, which is Dutch for “rat’s nest”, mistakenly believing that quokkas were a type of rat.

What’s that? You want more pictures of quokkas? Sure!

The main reason they’re so friendly is because they have very few natural predators. This means they aren’t afraid of humans and seem to like having their photo taken.

For your viewing pleasure, we have here a 40-second video of a quokka sneezing. Enjoy.

Update – March 23, 2020

The state government has cleared all visitors off Rottnest Island in preparation for its possible use as a quarantine zone as part of their Covid-19 pandemic response.

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